Staff Introductions: Aneesah Choudhury

Aneesah Choudhury

Name: Aneesah Choudhury

Title: Head of Communications (2020-2021)

School: Osgoode Hall Law School, Class of 2023

Background: I did my undergraduate studies in Political Science. I worked part-time as a Community Animator and I interned at a leading law firm during the summer months. I am the first in my family to attend university and law school. My parents emigrated from Bangladesh in the 90s and worked in the foodservice industry. I grew up in Canada’s largest public housing project, a downtown Toronto community of working-class immigrants and Indigenous people. My family and community taught me the value of resiliency and compassion which is what motivated me to pursue a legal education.

Current and Future Plans: I am currently enjoying my first-year classes and exploring different interests. This year I will be virtually volunteering with the LAWS Mentorship Program that supports underserved high school students.

Fun Facts About Me: I love history documentaries and historical fiction! I also enjoy biking and being outdoors.

Advice for Incoming Law Students: Navigating through law school as a first-generation student can be challenging. Connecting with upper-year students and mentors can be a valuable source of support and friendship that will make the transition much easier. Remember to be kind to yourself and focus on what works best for you.