Staff Introductions: Annette Latoszewska

Annette Latoszewska

Name: Annette Latoszewska

Title: Head of Communications (2019-2020)

Law School: University of Toronto, Class of 2020

Background: My parents and my older brother emigrated from Poland to Germany and then to Canada before I was born. We lived briefly in Hamilton, Ontario, but I’ve spent virtually my entire life in Pickering, Ontario. My parents gave up a great deal and have worked tirelessly to equip my brother and I with a solid foundation for a life easier than they would ever know. It is safe to say they are the hardest working people I know.

Memorable Moment in Law School: The First Generation Network’s Bring Your Parents to Work Day event, which was generously hosted by McCarthy Tetrault. I had attended as someone’s guest the year before, at which point I had already received my offer of admission from the law school and dreamed of bringing my parents in a year’s time. It meant the world to them – and to me.

Current Plans: This year – as surreal as it is – I am on my final lap at the University of Toronto. I am looking forward to some very interesting courses and an externship with the Structural Genomics Consortium.

Future Plans: I recently accepted an offer to return to article with a growing IP boutique in downtown Toronto. I’m very excited to continue to work with passionate and creative individuals advancing science and technology.

Fun Facts About Me: I speak (to various degrees) English, Polish, French, German and ASL. I am a lover of languages and a proud (hyper)polyglot. I also enjoy a very active lifestyle. You can usually find me in a rock gym, doing intervals on a treadmill, hanging upside down from circus silks, or getting tossed around in the dojo. I belong to a spectacular martial arts community and hold the rank of fourth kyu in Shorinji Kan Jiu Jitsu.

Advice for Incoming Law Students: Learn from your peers where you can but try not to get too caught up in what it is that “everyone else” is doing. If something works for you, but it’s not what your classmates are doing, don’t feel compelled to change it or doubt yourself. Everyone is playing to their own strengths, and everyone has a unique set.