Staff Introductions: Chanel Pabla

Chanel Pabla

Name: Chanel Pabla

Title: Head of Events (2020-2021)

Law School: Thompson Rivers University Faculty of Law, Class of 2022

Background: I am an Indo-Canadian born and raised in Vancouver, BC. My family immigrated to Vancouver in the 1970s, and worked very hard to ‘flip the script’ on raising and educating daughters within our family and the Indian community. As a result, I have become the first in my family to attend university or law school. Growing up, a significant emphasis was placed upon giving back and serving my community, which I am excited to continue as a law student. Embarking on the journey of law school was intimidating, but having come across mentorship programs and the First Generation Network helped make this experience much easier to navigate.

Current and Future Plans: Currently, I am virtually volunteering with the Looking Glass Foundation and a start-up legal clinic in Vancouver. While I am adapting to online classes, I am getting ready for the 2L recruitment process.

Fun Facts About Me: I enjoy painting with acrylics and playing the piano. I love water sports and hiking. Prior to the pandemic, I joined a kickboxing gym, which I’m eager to get back to! I come from a family of chefs, which has significantly influenced my passion for cooking and trying new restaurants. Like many others, I also learned how to bake during quarantine.

Advice for Incoming Law Students: Take the time to look back and celebrate how far you have come. It’s your journey, so do what aligns with your interests, beliefs and values. Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy law school and appreciate the small moments – it really does go by quickly!