Staff Introductions: Jasmine Tsang

Jasmine Tsang

Name: Jasmine Tsang

Title: President (2019-2020)

Law School: Osgoode Hall Law School, Class of 2020

Background: I grew up in a town of about 6,000, just outside of Sudbury, Ontario. I am second-generation Chinese on my father’s side and French-Canadian on my mother’s side. My mother was a single parent and raised my siblings and me on a seamstress’ salary. From a young age, hard-work and perseverance were instilled in me, and I began working at age 14.

Memorable Moment in Law School: Some of my favourite moments were during my placement at Parkdale Legal Services Clinic. In particular, I had the opportunity to represent a client at the Social Benefits Tribunal who had previously been denied ODSP and had set-backs in scheduling the hearing (through no fault of their own). Being successful at this hearing re-invigorated me and reminded me why I came to law school.

Fun Facts About Me: I am a first-time puppy parent to a Boston Terrier named Lumen. I’d greatly appreciate any tips or advice on training.  

Advice for Incoming Law Students: First of all, congrats on getting into law school! It’s a big deal. My advice is not to overthink future steps. It is easy to get caught up thinking about what’s next – starting classes, OCIs, articling… the list goes on. While I think it is important to be proactive, it is also important to stop and appreciate the successes you’ve had.