Staff Introductions: Jordan Crocker

Jordan Crocker

Name: Jordan Crocker

Title: Head of Sponsorship and Finance (2019-2020)

Law School: Osgoode Hall Law School, Class of 2022

Background: I was born in New Westminster and raised in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. I come from a mixed family, with both of my grandfathers being born in Europe and other parts of my family immigrating to Canada from the Crimea after the end of the Russian Civil War. My parents were born in Saskatchewan and I still have plenty of family on the prairies. Growing up, my father was a corrections officer and is now an arbitrator working in the Department of Corrections. My mother was a retail worker for London Drugs for over twenty-two years and is now an internal auditor there. I have one younger brother who works for Browns Social House and is studying Criminology at Simon Fraser University. When both of us were little, my parents made sure to impress upon us the importance of education, but above all else they simply wanted us to try our best. Being the first person in my immediate family to pursue and complete post-secondary education, I found what helped me the most was taking advantage of every opportunity that came my way, and sometimes creating them. In doing so, I have been able to do things like travel to Europe, volunteer for incredible organizations, and obtain a MA.

Memorable Moment in Law School: There isn’t just one, or rather, there are a series of memorable experiences that being in law school has afforded me. This past summer I went to Europe on exchange. I attended the Bader International Study Centre in Herstmonceux and completed a Certificate in International Business Law from Queen’s University. While there was plenty of work to do, there was still time on the weekends to occasionally leave the castle and go adventuring in Europe. I had never been to the continent, and as a history nerd this had to be rectified. The most awe-inspiring moment was when I walked through the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles and knew that it was the same spot where the Treaty of Versailles was signed, and where the constitution of the German Empire was signed in 1871. It was also nice to enjoy the little moments. Seeing the Brandenburg Gate, the Eiffel Tower, and the Globe Theater left me speechless each time. Even if there wasn’t a monument to ogle, just having some down time with friends and drinking some wine in Madrid coupled with the summer breeze are memories that won’t be forgotten. I suppose this is a rather lengthy way of also saying that law can take you many places and you will make many memorable moments during the course of your three years.

Current Plans: I am currently studying at the Schulich School of Business to complete the MBA side of my joint degree. I’m hoping the intersection of law and business will prove to be a thought-provoking look at how our society operates.

Future Plans: I have three years left in my JD/MBA and also hope to obtain a Graduate Diploma in Global Health Management. After that, I’m hoping to work in the corporate sector and work pro bono with Rainbow Railroad, an organization which assists LGBTQ persons around the world get to safety. Someday I would like to get my LLM because I love learning and know that even after I complete my JD, I would have only scratched the surface of what law has to offer.

Fun Facts About Me: I have a perpetual eyebrow raise which makes me terrible at poker and I love videogames. Mass Effect 2 is still my favourite game of all time.

Advice for Incoming Law Students: You belong here. Really. Just because your parents or grandparents didn’t attend post-secondary school doesn’t mean you are at a disadvantage. Stay in your own lane. Study and make time for your friends and family. Do what worked for you (you’ll get tired of hearing that phrase) because clearly it works – after all you made it into law school, which is the hardest part! By the way, be ready for the December holiday break when you will probably be peppered with questions about the law as your family might be a little curious.