Staff Introductions: Tiyam Shiribabadi

Tiyam Shiribabadi

Name: Tiyam Shiribabadi

Title: Head of Mentorship (2019-2020)

Law School: Osgoode Hall, Class of 2021

Background: I am the daughter of parents who immigrated to Canada from Iran. I was born in Montreal and grew up mostly in Toronto. Despite being in a primarily English-speaking city, I had the privilege of attending a francophone high school where I maintained my fluency in French, and where I shared similar circumstances as my peers. I faced the challenges of being a first-generation student during the first two years of my undergrad. I had a hard time following any particular academic direction, and I wasn’t aware of resources that could help me make what seemed at the time like crucial decisions. Through my major in Equity Studies, I better understood the intersections of my identity, and I quickly realized that I wanted to pursue a legal career.

Memorable Moment in Law School: During my first year, I attended the Small Towns and Big Dreams events, and I had the chance to meet the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, Beverley McLachlin. This event reminded me of the barriers I overcame to attend law school and it was empowering to connect with other first generation students from all over Canada.

Current Plans: I’m working for the University of Toronto’s Summer Abroad Program at the University of Oxford.

Future Plans: I’m still exploring my different legal interests, but I want to be skilled in contract law and cybersecurity.

Fun Facts About Me: I am a short story writer, a ping-pong enthusiast, and a polyglot.

Advice for Incoming Law Students: Focus on your journey and where you want to be once law school is over. There will most likely be moments where you compare yourself to your peers or question whether you made the right decision, but always remind yourself of your achievements and the person you are outside of the classroom.