Staff Introductions: Annette Latoszewska

Annette Latoszewska

Name: Annette Latoszewska

Title: National Head of Fundraising (2018-2019)

Law School: University of Toronto, Class of 2020

Background: My parents together with my brother emigrated from Poland to Germany, and then finally to Canada before I was born. We lived briefly in Hamilton, Ontario, but I’ve spent virtually my entire life in Pickering, Ontario. I’m fortunate to have at least a very small fragment of my extended family here in Canada; though the rest of my family is in Warsaw. Truthfully, I am still figuring out how it is that I ended up in law school. I don’t think I have a compelling story behind my decision to attend law school, but I know that law school represented to me an opportunity to develop a number of traits and skills that I admired and aspired to possess myself. In short, the person I wanted to be seemed to correlate with law school.

Memorable Moment in Law School: The First Generation Network’s Bring Your Parents to Work Day event, which was generously hosted by McCarthy Tetrault. I had attended as someone’s guest the year before, at which point I had already received my offer of admission from the law school, and dreamed of bringing my parents in a year’s time. It meant the world to them – and to me.

Current Plans: I am the Youth Summer Program Coordinator at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. The program is essentially a camp for high school students with an interest in law. We run five modules throughout the summer ranging from Criminal Law to Trial Advocacy. In the course of any given week, students hear from guest lecturers, visit firms and corporate offices, and engage in a culminating activity – often a mock trial. The program is a social enterprise which supports Law in Action Within Schools (LAWS) programming.

Future Plans: At the moment, I’m very interested in health law and intellectual property; though, having only just completed 1L, I’m still figuring out what it is I’d like to do.

Fun Facts About Me: I speak (to some degree) English, Polish, French, German and ASL. I am a lover of languages and a proud (hyper)polyglot. Next on my list? Arabic and Japanese. I also enjoy a very active lifestyle. So long as the time is there, you’ll find me in the rock gym, the dojo, or quite literally “hanging” out. I belong to a spectacular martial arts community and hold the rank of fourth kyu in Shorinji Kan Jiu Jitsu. I also practice and occasionally teach aerial acrobatics, primarily aerial silks.

Advice for Incoming Law Students: Learn from your peers where you can, but try not to get too caught up in what it is that “everyone else” is doing. If something works for you, but it’s not what your classmates are doing, don’t feel compelled to change it or doubt yourself. Everyone is playing to their own strengths, and everyone has a unique set.