Staff Introductions: Latania Christie

Latania Christie

Name: Latania Christie

Title: National Head of Mentorship (2018-2019)

Law School: Osgoode Hall, Class of 2020

Background: I was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, but moved to Canada at seven years old. I grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. I’m a born advocate: this seems to be a constant variable in my life despite any situational or geographical changes.

Memorable Moment in Law School: The Osgoode Chapter winning the Chapter of the Year award at the annual BLSA conference.

Current Plans: I’m a summer legal assistant, in the litigation department at a Seven Sister firm.

Future Plans: I want to be a skilled and well sought-after litigator.

Fun Facts About Me: I am a writer, a public speaker, mental health advocate and event planner. My favourite Marvel Avenger is Loki, because he’s equally a good villain and hero.

Advice for Incoming Law Students: Go at your own pace. There might be moments when you question if you should be here. In those moments, remember all of the obstacles you overcame to be where you are.