Staff Introductions: Nicole Scott

Name: Nicole Scott Title: Head of Mentorship Law School: Osgoode Hall Law School, Class of 2022 Background: I come from a small farming town two hours north of Toronto. As a third-generation farmer, I have learned the value of hard work, dedication and perseverance. Education has never been my strong suit, but I have taken […]

Staff Introductions: Tiyam Shiribabadi

Name: Tiyam Shiribabadi Title: Head of Mentorship (2019-2020) Law School: Osgoode Hall, Class of 2021 Background: I am the daughter of parents who immigrated to Canada from Iran. I was born in Montreal and grew up mostly in Toronto. Despite being in a primarily English-speaking city, I had the privilege of attending a francophone high […]

Staff Introductions: Latania Christie

Name: Latania Christie Title: National Head of Mentorship (2018-2019) Law School: Osgoode Hall, Class of 2020 Background: I was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, but moved to Canada at seven years old. I grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. I’m a born advocate: this seems to be a constant variable in my life despite any situational or geographical changes. […]