Staff Introductions: Deniz Samadi

Name: Deniz Samadi Title: President (2020–2021) Law School: Queen’s University Faculty of Law, Class of 2021 Background: I was born and raised in and around the Toronto area. I come from a proud Iranian-Canadian family, who have instilled in me the classic Persian spirit of hospitality, kindness, and respect for a well-brewed cup of tea. Being the first […]

Staff Introductions: David Rybak

Name: David Rybak Title: National President (2018-2019) Law School: University of Toronto, Class of 2019 Background: I grew up in rural Alberta, about ten minutes north of a small town called Stony Plain, which is about 40 minutes outside of Edmonton. I did my undergrad at the University of Alberta and then moved across the country for […]